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Filtration of Polyacrylamide

2023-09-15 14:10

Filtration of polyacrylamide

1. Grid and sieve filtration: polyacrylamide and pollutants react to the deposition, the filter medium for the grid or with the screen, the primary equipment has a grid, screen and microfilter. Used to remove coarse suspended matter, such as weeds, rags, fibers, pulp and so on.

2. Membrane filtration: the primary equipment has reverse osmosis, over filtration and electrodialysis. The use of special semi-permeable membrane as a medium for filtration, filtration under a certain impetus, because the membrane pore size and selectivity, can remove the water bacteria, viruses, organic matter and dissolved solutes.

3. Deep filtration: polyacrylamide reacts with pollutants to form precipitation, using quartz sand, anthracite and other granular filter media. Due to the existence of pores between the filter particles, when the wastewater passes through a certain depth of the filter layer, the suspended matter in the water will be retained.

4. Microporous filtration:Use molded filter materials, such as filter cloth, filter sheets, sintered filter tubes, honeycomb filter cartridges, etc.. , or pre-coating the filter media with a layer of filter aid to form a filter cake with fine pores to remove fine particles.

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