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Common Problems in The Use of Polyacrylamide

2023-09-22 16:32

Polyacrylamide is a very effective water treatment chemicals to deal with sewage, but in the use of the process will encounter a variety of problems, here to introduce you to some common problems:


1. Flocculation effect is not obvious: add too much or too little dosage will lead to flocculation effect is not obvious, dissolution is incomplete, or the speed of mixing is too fast or too slow, the solution to this problem is to train qualified operators to master the scientific and orderly dissolution process. Then it is to increase the automatic dosing device, automatic adjustment of water intake and dosage. The automatic dosing device can control the concentration of polyacrylamide solution more accurately, and there will be no lumps caused by uneven dosing.

2. Polyacrylamide dosage is too large: polyacrylamide is a flocculant, in the appropriate amount of dosage can help solid particles or suspended matter quickly aggregated precipitation. However, adding too much polyacrylamide may lead to excessive flocculation, the formation of large flocs, increasing the difficulty of mixing and separation in the treatment process.

3. Polyacrylamide viscosity is too high: the viscosity of polyacrylamide aqueous solution increases with the increase of polymer content. When the viscosity of polyacrylamide solution is high, it is easy to block the pipeline during pumping; when the viscosity of polyacrylamide solution is too low, it is not easy to form homogeneous colloid or poor dispersion, which affects the flocculation effect and filtration performance.

4. Polyacrylamide selection is not right: because the polyacrylamide contains hundreds of models, for different water quality of wastewater using different models, the effect has a certain impact.

Polyacrylamide use in the process of common problems. The above is a summary of common problems and solutions. If you have any questions about polyacrylamide, please contact us, we look forward to working with you.