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Reasons For The Low Efficiency of The Use of Polyaluminum Chloride

2023-09-26 10:42

What is Polyaluminum chloride:

Polyaluminum chloride, abbreviated as PAC, is an inorganic substance, inorganic polymer coagulant, yellow or light yellow, dark brown, dark grey resin-like solid in colour. The product has strong bridging adsorption properties, in the process of hydrolysis, accompanied by the occurrence of coagulation, adsorption and precipitation and other physicochemical processes. The fundamental difference between Polyaluminum chloride and traditional inorganic coagulant is that traditional inorganic coagulant is low molecular crystalline salt. This product is widely used in the field of drinking water, industrial water and sewage treatment.


Why Polyaluminum chloride is used without effect or poor effect:

1. The water temperature is not suitable: low water turbidity, Polyaluminum chloride is difficult to react. Water temperature is an important factor affecting the effect of Polyaluminum chloride, the water temperature is low when the hydrolysis rate is slow, floc is not easy to form so that the precipitation is slow, the temperature is too low, the use of the effect is almost no.

2. The influence of PH value: PAC Polyaluminum chloride is only in the value of PH value 6-9 can react, its effect is better, and under normal circumstances, only a small portion of the water quality is acidic or alkaline, in this case, need to add lime in the water, hydrochloric acid, ferric sulphate, etc., will be adjusted to the water value of ph value of 6-9 between.

3. Too small dosage: too small a dosage of polyaluminium will lead to the use of ineffective or ineffective.

4. Improper human operation: Because of human factors, the effect of Polyaluminum chloride is not ideal.

5. Coagulant: different coagulants have different effects on the use of polyaluminium, suitable for the use of polyaluminium can make the use of obvious effects, improve efficiency, and unsuitable for the time can lead to the treatment of the effect is not obvious, close to nothing.

6. The nature of impurities in the water: when the impurity particles in the water are different in size, it is favourable to coagulation and precipitation, and when the impurity particles are fine and uniform, the coagulation effect will be worse.

7. Water conditions: water conditions have a great influence on the process of coagulation, when the water conditions are insufficient, the rate of coagulation is greatly reduced, thus leading to the use of polyaluminium with poor or no effect.

Of course, there are a variety of factors will lead to the use of Polyaluminum chloride effect, if there are other reasons, or Polyaluminum chloride needs, welcome to contact Hainan Yanghang.