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Properties Of Sucralose And Its Application In Foodstuffs

2023-09-27 10:47

Introduction to sucralose:

Sucralose, commonly known as sucralose, is a high-fold sweetener, a new type of sweetener, high sweetness, pure sweetness, no calories, often added in the daily food production and processing. It is made from sucrose through a chemical reaction and has high water solubility and stability. Sucralose has a wide range of applications in the medical and food industries.


Properties of sucralose:

Sucralose is in the form of white powder, with the characteristics of odourless and non-hygroscopic, the substance has high thermal stability, very soluble in water, soluble in organic solutions such as ethanol and methanol, with mellow taste and good stability, the sweetness of sucralose under different conditions is 400-800 times of sucrose, no heat, will not cause fluctuation of blood sugar in the human body, does not participate in the metabolism, and is caries-resistant which is conducive to human health.


The application of sucralose in food:

Application 1: Beverage

In the pH range of soft drinks, sucralose is one of the most stable of the powerful sweeteners. When it is chosen to formulate beverages, there are very few limiting factors arising from it, thus it can formulate high quality soft drinks with much lower pH value than other sweeteners.

Application 2: Nutritional and functional drinks

Sucralose can mask the bitter and astringent taste of vitamins and various functional substances in these drinks, and it does not have any effect on the stability indexes of the drinks, such as aroma, colour, transparency and viscosity.

Application 3: Coffee, soya milk and other neutral drinks

Sucralose is used as a sweetener to help overcome the phenomenon of reduced sweetness and sweet taste when these beverages are exposed to high temperatures.

Application 4: Alcoholic beverages and vinegar drinks

The addition of sucralose has the unique effect of alleviating the spicy taste of alcoholic beverages and moderating the stimulation of acetic acid in acetic acid beverages, which makes the taste of these beverages softer and the flavour more harmonious.

Application 5: Flavoured water

Sucralose has no loss or change in the ozone sterilisation process of flavoured water, which makes the taste of flavoured water more perfect.

Application 6: Solid beverages

Sucralose can withstand the high temperature processing of solid beverages.

Application 7: Dairy products

Sucralose is used in the production of yoghurt, which is generally not decomposed by lactic acid bacteria and yeast, and does not affect the fermentation process. It is coordinated with the flavour substances produced by the fermentation of yoghurt, which enhances the overall flavour of yoghurt, and the sweetness of the yoghurt does not change during the shelf-life of the yoghurt.

Application 8: Sweet snacks, ice-cream and jam, etc.

Sucralose makes previously unsweetened sugar-free foods healthier and more delicious.

Application 9: Flavoured sugars, fats and oils

Sucralose can be used in these products in the form of microcapsules.

Application 10: Bakery products

Due to its excellent heat stability, Sucralose can be used to add flavour to baked goods such as breads and yoghurts.

Application 11: Flavourings

Sucralose has an obvious effect on soy sauce, sauces, vinegar, seasonings and other seasonings to increase freshness and reduce saltiness, improve taste and reduce costs.

In recent years, sucralose products have gradually stood out in the competition of similar products, the production process is becoming more mature, and the output has been greatly improved, the development of the domestic sucralose industry has been accelerated, and the world's largest manufacturers of sucralose are in China. Sucralose has been officially approved to be used in beverages, ice-cream, preserved fruits, bakery products and confectionery, etc., and the number of food products to be approved for use is gradually increasing.

So it can be seen that the market demand for sucralose in China is very large, and sucralose products have a good prospect of market application.