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How to Choose Cost-Effective Polyacrylamide

2023-10-08 10:39

  Polyacrylamide is a polymer with special properties, which is widely used in water treatment, oil extraction, paper production and other fields due to its excellent solubility, viscosity, charge and flocculation effect. Choosing the right high quality polyacrylamide is critical to achieving efficient, economical and environmentally friendly applications. Especially in the current market environment, the competition is becoming more and more intense, in the price and quality are often caught in a dilemma, choose the quality of stable, the price is relatively high, choose the low-priced manufacturers of products, the quality is not very stable, increase the cost of maintenance costs or direct loss of customers. So how to choose a more cost-effective polyacrylamide?


  1. Molecular weight

  The molecular weight of polyacrylamide has a wide range, from a few thousand molecular weight to tens of millions of molecular weight. Higher molecular weight polyacrylamide has higher viscosity and flocculation effect, but the dissolution speed may be slower. Lower molecular weight polyacrylamides may have better solubility and biocompatibility, but may have poorer viscosity and flocculation. Select the appropriate molecular weight of polyacrylamide according to the application requirements.

  2. Chargeability

  Polyacrylamide can be uncharged, cationic or anionic. Non-charged polyacrylamide can be used to increase the viscosity of the solution, while cationic and anionic polyacrylamide can be used as flocculants. When selecting a flocculant, consider the charge interactions with the suspended particles in order to select the appropriate type of charge to improve flocculation.

  3. Solubility

Ensure that the selected polyacrylamide can form a stable solution or gel under the application conditions (e.g., temperature, pH, etc.). For applications requiring rapid dissolution, select a polyacrylamide with good solubility.

  4. Concentration

Adjust the concentration of the polyacrylamide solution according to the needs of the application. Higher concentrations of polyacrylamide solutions have higher viscosity and flocculation, but may be more difficult to mix with wastewater. Lower concentrations of polyacrylamide solutions may be easier to mix with sewage, but have poorer viscosity and flocculation, so determine the appropriate concentration for the specific application scenario.

  5. Synthesis method

Polyacrylamide is usually synthesised by free radical polymerisation, but other methods such as radiation polymerisation and photopolymerisation can also be used. The synthesis method affects the properties of polyacrylamide such as molecular weight distribution, chargeability and structure. Select the appropriate polyacrylamide synthesis method according to the application requirements.

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