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The Water Treatment Effect of Different Colors of Polyaluminum Chloride

2023-10-27 10:33

    Why polyaluminum chloride has different colors:

    As we all know, there are several colors of polyaluminum chloride, in the face of the introduction of polyaluminum chloride, many first-time buyers will have doubts, why polyaluminum chloride has different colors? Which color is good? Here is a brief introduction for you what is the difference between different colors of polyaluminum chloride.

    1. Brown polyaluminum chloride is an ordinary one, is a low content of ordinary polyaluminum chloride, mainly used for industrial sewage, wastewater treatment, at the same time, the price of this polyaluminum chloride is also cheap.

    2. Brown polyaluminum chloride content is obviously improved, generally 24% -26% content of polyaluminum chloride, the effect of this water treatment is further, the scope of application is also larger.

    3. yellow polyaluminum chloride in the quality of a significant improvement in the content basically reached 28% or even higher, has reached the provisions of the industrial content, yellow polyaluminum chloride plate and frame process and spray drying process, this color and content of polyaluminum chloride in addition to industrial wastewater treatment, can also be used for reuse of water and other high standards of water quality treatment.

    4. Golden polyaluminum chloride basically reaches 30% content, this polyaluminum chloride is more used as drinking water and other high standard water treatment, with the improvement of people's level, the safety of drinking water has been paid full attention to, for the treatment of drinking water in the heavy metals, impurities and so on have a very high demand, so for drinking water treatment, are used in the high content of polyaluminum chloride, to ensure the quality of water. The quality of water.

    5. White polyaluminum chloride is a lot of polyaluminum chloride for raw materials, production process requirements, white polyaluminum chloride whether in the water effect or quality, are very outstanding, but due to the process and raw materials, white polyaluminum chloride cost is high, in the actual application of the class is also relatively small.





    Different colors of polyaluminum chloride have different water treatment effects:

    1, brown, brown, these three colors are for individual customers on the special requirements of water treatment of the production of products, in which the iron content is higher than other polyaluminum, so the color is deeper compared to the golden yellow, can be effective on the low turbidity, high algal sewage has a very good effect, mainly for municipal sewage, industrial sewage water treatment purification and flocculation aspects of the use of a wide range.

    2. golden raw material is calcium aluminate powder, bauxite and hydrochloric acid, mainly used in sewage and drinking water, which is a very important part in the tap plant, the country has very strict requirements in the application of water treatment standards, so all aspects will be better than brown, brown, brown polyaluminum. Also known as industrial grade polyaluminum chloride.

    3 light yellow after white polyaluminum in the high series of products, mainly used for drinking water treatment, which is very strict standards for the content of heavy metals, fine powder, uniform particles, flocculation effect is good, less dosage, low cost, is a special agent for water plants. It is also called drinking water grade polyaluminum chloride.

    4. White process is very high, can reach the edible grade, used in city water, food, medicine, sugar, cosmetic preparations, etc. Widely used, the current purity of polyaluminum is very high, the price is also relatively high. Also known as high purity polyaluminum chloride.

    So remind the line to buy polyaluminum chloride customers, to keep your eyes peeled, choose the polyaluminum chloride manufacturer, in order to give you a more reasonable water purification program according to your actual water quality, so that you get twice the result with half the effort, save money and effort.

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