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Can Ferrous Sulfate Replace Aluminium Chloride in Water Treatment

2024-01-15 16:31

    The difference between polymeric aluminium chloride and polymeric ferric sulfate:

    1, the principle of action

They both belong to the same inorganic polymer water purification agent, but one belongs to the iron system, one belongs to the aluminium system, in fact, the principle of water purification, basic has been, are through hydrolysis, electric neutralisation and generation of flocs, adsorption of suspended solids in water, so as to achieve the effect of water purification.

    2, advantages and disadvantages

In contrast, the cost of polymeric iron sulfate is lower, the generation of large and dense sails, precipitation speed, but it is acidic, the water chromaticity is slightly worse, and the biggest advantage of polymeric aluminium chloride is the treatment of water is clearer, but its cost is much higher than polymeric iron sulfate.


    Water treatment in water treatment plant, originally people are using polymeric aluminium chloride PAC treatment, because a new type of inorganic polymer flocculant, with bacteria, deodorant, decolourisation, fluoride, oil, turbidity, heavy metal salts and other water purification.

Poly iron sulfate is a kind of high efficiency, fast, adaptability is relatively strong water purification products, it can be used in place of aluminium salt, used for tap water treatment, disinfection of tap water residual aluminium pollution. So poly iron can completely replace PAC, and it can reach the national drinking water standard after treatment.

    In fact, in most cases, polymeric iron sulfate can replace polymeric aluminium chloride, for example: for the removal of suspended or colloidal substances in the water, due to the same principle of action, so basically can be used to replace polymeric aluminium chloride with polymeric iron sulfate; wastewater phosphorus removal, polymeric iron sulfate will be significantly better than polymeric aluminium chloride, but also reduce the cost of the agent. There are many similar cases, the specific circumstances need to be based on water quality issues and the effect of the treatment of specific choice of chemicals, can not be generalised.