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The Correct Use of Polyacrylamide Dissolution

2024-05-13 17:39

    The dissolution and proper use of polyacrylamide involves several key steps and considerations to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency in the water treatment process.

    Preparation before dissolution

    Small-scale tests should be carried out first to determine the suitability and optimum amount of polyacrylamide to be used, to avoid poor results or wastage as a result of direct mass injection.

Polyacrylamide can not be directly added to the water, it needs to be dissolved in water first, and then according to the actual need to add its aqueous solution to the sewage in accordance with a certain dosage to treat sewage.

Dissolution process:

    When dissolving polyacrylamide, clean water (such as tap water) should be used, avoiding the use of sewage or water temperature is too high, strong acidic and alkaline water.

    When dissolving, add the polyacrylamide to the water in the stirring state, evenly dispersed casting, do not add too much at once, so as not to produce large or difficult to dissolve particles.

Stirring and dissolving time is 40-60 minutes, in order to fully dissolve polyacrylamide, to avoid affecting the dissolution speed or insufficient blockage of the pipeline.


    The stability of polyacrylamide solution is related to the concentration, the thicker the solution, the longer the storage time, but the high concentration solution can not be used directly for water treatment, it needs to be diluted before use.

Iron ions are catalysts that cause chemical degradation of polyacrylamide, therefore, iron ions should be avoided as much as possible when preparing, transferring and storing polyacrylamide solution. Equipment in contact with the solution should be made of stainless steel, plastic, fibreglass or carbon steel coated with resin on the surface.

The recommended method of addition is low concentration addition to ensure uniform mixing. A dilute addition concentration allows the solution to expand rapidly in water and mix well, preventing the colloidal protection phenomenon of too high a concentration.

By following the above steps and precautions, you can effectively use polyacrylamide for water treatment and achieve the desired flocculation effect.