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Copper sulfate

Copper sulfate is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula CuSO₄, and anhydrous copper sulfate is a white or off-white powder.

Copper sulfate is both a fertilizer and a commonly used fungicide. Bordeaux mixture, copper soap solution and cuproammonium preparation are prepared from copper sulfate, lime milk, soap and ammonium bicarbonate.

Chemical formula: CuSO₄

Molecular weight: 159.61

CAS Number: 7758-98-7

EINECS Accession Number: 231-847-6

Melting point: 560 ℃

Water solubility: soluble in water, the solution is acidic, insoluble in ethanol

Density: 3.606 g/cm³

Appearance: Anhydrous copper sulfate is an off-white powder, which is easy to absorb water and turn blue-green copper sulfate pentahydrate


In the chemical industry, it is used to manufacture other copper salts such as cuprous cyanide, cuprous chloride, cuprous oxide and other products. The dye industry is used as a copper complexing agent for the production of copper-containing monoazo dyes such as reactive brilliant blue, reactive violet, and phthalocyanine blue. It is also a catalyst for organic synthesis, perfume and dye intermediates. The pharmaceutical industry is often used directly or indirectly as an astringent and an auxiliary raw material for the production of isoniazid and pyrimethamine. The coatings industry uses copper oleate as a poison for antifouling paints on ship bottoms. The electroplating industry is used as an ionic additive for sulfate copper plating and wide temperature full bright acid copper plating. Food grade is used as antimicrobial agent, nutritional supplement. In agriculture, it is used as pesticides and copper-containing pesticides.


Lined with polyethylene plastic bags, outer plastic woven bags or sacks. The net weight of each bag is 25kg and 50kg. Feed-grade copper sulfate is packed in food-grade low-pressure polyethylene film bags and polypropylene woven bags as jackets. The net weight of each bag is 25kg. poison. Dangerous regulation number: GB6.1 class 61519. It should be stored in a dry warehouse. It should not be stored and transported together with edible commodities, seeds and feeds. During transportation, it should be protected from rain and sunlight. When loading and unloading, handle with care to prevent the package from being damaged. In case of fire, water and various fire extinguishers can be used to put out the fire. Copper and its salts are toxic. Irritating to skin, dust irritating eyes. Therefore, the maximum allowable concentration of metal copper in the working environment is 1mg/m3, and the average per shift is 0.5mg/m3. When there are aerosols of copper (Cu) and its compounds in the air, staff should wear masks to prevent inhalation. Wear protective goggles. Wear dust-proof overalls. Take a warm shower after work.