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Ammonium aluminum sulfate

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Ammonium aluminum sulfate

Ammonium aluminum sulfate is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula NH4Al(SO4)2, which is a colorless, transparent crystal or white powder. It is slightly soluble in water, dilute acid and glycerol, the aqueous solution is acidic and insoluble in alcohol. It often exists in the form of 12 crystal waters.

Chemical formula: NH4Al(SO4)2

Molecular weight: 237.15

CAS Number: 7784-25-0

EINECS Accession Number: 232-055-3

Melting point: 93.5℃

Boiling point: 330°C

Water solubility: easily soluble in glycerol, insoluble in ethanol

Appearance: colorless crystals or white crystalline particles or powder


Analytical reagents. It can also be used as a flocculant for purifying sewage. It is used as a sizing agent for paper sizing in the paper industry; used as an aluminum tanning agent in the tanning industry; used as a colorant for yellow glass in the glass industry; used as an ice dye resist in the dye industry; Diuretics. It is used as a food additive in the food industry; as a mordant in the printing and dyeing industry; in the pigment industry, it is used in the manufacture of high-quality pigments, lakes, and color bases for glossy paper colorants. Starch industry is used as a preservative for starch paste. High-purity ammonium aluminum sulfate can be used to manufacture artificial gems, laser crystals, high-purity alumina, electronic components, computer components, and high-pressure sodium lamps.


Because ammonium aluminum sulfate is easy to corrode, it should not be stored for a long time. The wet bags should be stacked separately and disposed of at any time to prevent water loss. The product shall not be stored and transported together with toxic or other polluting items. Protect from rain and sunlight during transportation.