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Chlorine tablet

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  Chlorine tablet

  Product Name: Sodium Chlorate

  Product Description: Colorless crystal or white powder

  CAS number: 7647-14-5

  Packaging: Double layer plastic woven bags, net weight 25kg/bag or 50kg/bag.

  Storage: Clean, dry, and prohibited from mixing with goods that can cause salt pollution. During transportation, cover should be provided to prevent rain, leakage, and other debris from entering.

  Main purpose:

  1. Industry: electrolysis of sodium chloride aqueous solution, production of metallic sodium by the Andes method, use of inorganic and organic industries as raw materials for the production of caustic soda, chlorate, hypochlorite, bleaching powder, refrigerants for refrigeration systems, analytical reagents for fluoride and silicate microanalysis, Hou's alkali production method for soda ash


  2. Food industry: The food industry and fishing industry are used for salt pickling, and can also be used as raw materials for seasoning and refined table salt.

  3. Medical use: Sodium chloride injection