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Sodium metasilicate pentahydrate

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  Sodium metasilicate pentahydrate

  Product Name: Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrate

  Product Description: White square crystal or spherical particles

  CAS number: 10213-79-3

  Packaging: Class 8 dangerous goods packaging, 25Kg/pack

  Storage: In order to avoid affecting the quality of sodium metasilicate pentahydrate, it should be stored at a height of 20cm above the ground and wall to avoid exposure to sunlight and rain.

  Main purpose:

  1. Applied to various washing industries.

  2. It can also be used as a mud consistency regulator and mud coagulant in crude oil and natural drilling and mining engineering.

  3. In the construction industry, it is used as a coagulant for preparing acid resistant mortar, acid resistant concrete, and cement.


  4. It can be used as an adhesive, ink stripping agent for waste paper, and surface treatment agent for paper in the papermaking industry.

  5. As a printing and dyeing assistant and fabric pre-treatment agent in the textile industry