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Anionic polymers for tertiary oil recovery

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  Polyacrylamide for tertiary oil recovery

  The relative molecular weight of polyacrylamide used for tertiary oil recovery is about 20 million, and ultra-high molecular weight polyacrylamide with low water solubility is currently the main variety used for oil displacement in oil fields.

  CAS number: 9003-05-08

  HS code: 3906901000

  Molecular formula: (C3H5NO) n

  Hainan Yanghang Brothers Chemical has achieved good results in the water treatment and oilfield application fields of polyacrylamide. Oilfields in Xinjiang, Shandong, Sichuan, and other regions have used our factory's different molecular weight polyacrylamide for tertiary oil recovery. The products are exported to Arab, Iraq, Iran and other regions in the Middle East, and have received unanimous praise from customers.

  Packaging and storage precautions:

  1. This product is non-toxic and should be protected from moisture, rain, and sunlight.

  2. This product has a particle size of 20-80 mesh and can also be produced according to user requirements.

  3. This product is lined with plastic bags, and the outer layer is made of plastic laminated woven bags, with 25kg/bag and 1000kg/bag.