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  Nickname: COD degradation agent, COD removal agent, COD specific removal agent

  1、 Product performance:

  COD special remover, the product is a water-soluble molecular polymer. Efficient COD removal agent is the latest new type of water purification agent, which utilizes nano photocatalytic technology and micro electrolysis technology to efficiently decompose organic matter in water and achieve rapid and effective COD reduction. This product has strong adaptability to changes in raw water temperature, turbidity, alkalinity, and organic matter content, and has a good effect on removing COD, chromaticity, and odor in water. According to company experiments and case statistics, the removal rate of COD in wastewater can be above 90%.

  Product Usage:

  The product is widely used in various industries such as printing and dyeing, chemical industry, brewing, urban domestic water, and comprehensive wastewater treatment.

  (1) Purification treatment of urban domestic sewage

  (2) Suitable for various industrial wastewater treatment processes, including ink, packaging and printing, automotive parts, machinery, spray painting, surface treatment, coatings, paint, electroplating, papermaking, food, printing and dyeing, bleaching and dyeing, leather making, etc;

  (3) Dehydration and drying of various precipitated sludge.

  4、 Usage:

  When in use, the COD remover can be directly added or first added to a dissolution tank with a concentration of 10-20%, stirred, and pumped to the reaction tank, callback tank, or discharge outlet.

  The applicable pH range is wide (3-11), and the usage amount is about 200-1000ppm (i.e. 0.2-1 kg/ton of wastewater). The dosage varies depending on the difficult to degrade COD content in the wastewater (i.e. the COD content in the discharge outlet after current treatment), and the specific dosage is generally determined through experiments.

  During the experiment, take a certain amount of wastewater (such as callback pool water or discharge water), add an appropriate amount of COD remover, stir for 15 seconds, measure the COD value, and determine the dosage.

  The reaction speed is fast, so it can be directly added at the discharge port

  Conversion of dosage unit: 200ppm=200mg/L=0.2g/L=0.2 ‰=0.2kg/ton of wastewater.

  5、 Packaging method:

  Packed in 25kg bags with inner plastic and outer fabric, 25kg/plastic bucket, 50kg/plastic bucket; 25 kg/cardboard bucket, 50 kg/cardboard bucket can also be customized according to user requirements.


  1. This product has strong oxidizing properties, and it is strictly prohibited to strike or impact violently. It is strictly prohibited to be exposed to the scorching sun, otherwise there is a risk of explosion.

  2. This product has strong corrosiveness, and operators should wear protective equipment to ensure safety.

  3. This product is non-toxic and strictly prevents contamination by toxic substances. If crystals or aqueous solutions are splashed onto the body, rinse with clean water. However, if taken by mistake, seek medical attention in a timely manner.

  4. The product is hygroscopic and should be protected from moisture.