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sodium thiosulfate

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  Sodium thiosulfate

  Product Name: Sodium Thiosulfate

  Product Description: Colorless or white crystalline powder

  CAS number: 7772-98-7

  Packaging: Double layered packaging, packaged in woven bags or wooden barrels lined with polyethylene plastic bags. Net weight of 25kg/bag (barrel) or 50kg/bag (barrel).

  Storage: The container must be sealed. Store in a cool and dry warehouse, and prevent exposure to sunlight and rain during transportation. It cannot be stored and transported together with acids and oxidants. Prevent moisture from melting.

  Main purpose:

  Sodium thiosulfate, also known as baking soda. The colorless and transparent monoclinic crystals mainly include

  1. Application of aquaculture. Soda has reducing properties and is used to remove free chlorine from water bodies, as well as organic phosphorus and cyanide in ponds. Releasing sulfur ions serves as a disinfectant and adsorbing suspended substances from pond water to purify water. When dissolved in water, a large amount of heat needs to be adsorbed, so it can be used to cool the bottom of the pond during high temperatures, and the cooling effect is still quite obvious.

  2. Used as a fixing agent in the photography industry.

  3. It is used as a reducing agent of chromate, a neutralizer of nitrogen containing tail gas, a mordant, a bleaching agent for wheat straw and wool, and a dechlorination agent for pulp bleaching.

  4. Used for the manufacturing of tetraethyl lead, dye intermediates, and ore extraction of silver.