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Sodium dodecyl ether sulfate sulfonic acid

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  Sodium dodecyl ether sulfate sulfonic acid

  Product Name: Sodium Dodecyl Ether Sulfate

  Product Description: Light yellow paste

  CAS number: 68585-34-2

  Packaging: 170KG/barrel

  Storage: Store in a cool and ventilated warehouse, with a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C, away from ignition and heat sources, and protected from direct sunlight.

  Main purpose:

  1. The cosmetics industry is used to prepare high-grade washing cosmetics such as hand sanitizer, shampoo, compound soap, foam bath liquid and facial cleanser.

  2. The washing industry is used to prepare liquid detergents and complex laundry detergent (soap), which have foaming, decontamination, and compatibilization effects. It is commonly used in phosphorus free, low phosphorus, heavy scale, and degreasing detergents.

  3. In the textile, printing and dyeing, and leather industries, AES can be used as a lubricant, leveling agent, cleaning agent, foaming agent, electrostatic eliminator, and degreaser for various applications.