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  Bleached soil

  Bleached soil is a fine-grained, naturally occurring, high adsorption rate earthy substance with the ability to adsorb impurities or colored substances from fats, oils, or oils. Bleached soil, also known as activated clay, includes activated clay, adsorbed clay, decolorized clay, adsorbent, and decolorized clay.

  Chemical formula: NaCl

  CAS number: 8031-18-3

  Appearance: White powder


  It can adsorb and decolorize vegetable oil, mineral oil, animal oil, enzymes, monosodium glutamate, polyether, sugar, wine, etc. Used as a filter, catalyst, adsorbent, desiccant, deodorizer, water purifier, sewage treatment agent, decolorizer, etc. in industries such as chemical and environmental protection.


  1. Strong adsorption capacity, high decolorization rate, low oil carrying rate, fast filtration speed, and low addition amount;

  2. It can effectively remove total phospholipids, soap, and trace metal ions from fats and oils, and can be used as a natural antioxidant;

  3. It can remove toxins and odors such as aflatoxin and pesticide residues from oil and fats;

  4. After decolorization, the acid value of the oil does not rise, does not return to color, is clear and transparent, has stable quality, and a long shelf life.

  5. Especially suitable for the refining and production of mineral oil, vegetable oil, and animal oil.