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Nonionic polyacrylamide

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Nonionic polyacrylamide

Nonionic polyacrylamide is homopolymerized from acrylamide with high purity, good solubility and high molecular weight. It can accelerate the sedimentation of particles in the suspension, accelerate the clarification of the solution and promote the filtration. It is mainly used for flocculation, sedimentation and clarification of various industrial wastewater. Such as papermaking and pulp wastewater treatment, mineral processing and metal smelting wastewater treatment, iron and steel plant and stone processing plant wastewater treatment, adding a small amount of non-ionic polyacrylamide, can be greatly flocculation effect. Generally, only 0.01 ~ 10ppm (0.01 ~ 10g / m3) is needed to give full play to the effect.

Technical indicators:
CAS No.:9003-05-08
HS code:3906901000
Molecular formula:(C3H5NO)n
Appearance: white particles or powder (powder and polyacrylamide products can be provided according to customer needs)
Relative molecular weight: 8-18 million (adjusted according to user needs)
Degree of hydrolysis:23-28
Solid content:≥90%
Dissolution time ≤90min
Sieve residue (1.00mm screen)(1.00mm)≤2%
Sieve residue (180 μ m screen)(180μm)≥88%
Water insoluble≤0.3%
Shelf life: Solid 2 years, liquid 1 year, prepared solution 24 hours
Toxicity: non toxic
Corrosive: non corrosive

Main uses:
1、It is mainly used for sewage treatment. When the sewage is acidic, this series of products is suitable. It can be used together with inorganic flocculant polyaluminum chloride and aluminum sulfate.
2、It is used for metallurgical beneficiation, such as Mn ore cleaning and Cu ore suspension, with a consumption of about 2ppm. It can also be used in the agglutination of bauxite components.
3、This product can be used as profile control and water shutoff agent in oil field when combined with wood fiber.

Molecular weight of nonionic polyacrylamide:
1、Before use, the dosage should be determined by experiment. If the dosage is too low, it will not work. If the dosage is too high, it will react. This is because PAM can not flocculate but disperse and stabilize when it exceeds a certain concentration.
2、Nonionic PAM, as a highly selective flocculant, is used in low solid drilling mud with bentonite because it can flocculate the cuttings drilled and keep the bentonite in a dispersed state.
3、Lower concentration should be used when adding medicine to ensure uniform mixing.
4、Nonionic PAM is a bridge formed by the adsorption of many fine particles or oil droplets in sewage by the long chain of its polymer. It is a kind of flocculant with strong flocculating ability, and its flocculation speed is faster than that of anionic PAM. In oil field sewage treatment, it is usually used with aluminum salt

Usage and precautions:
1、0.1% concentration of water solution is suitable for practical neutral salt free water.
2、Due to the wide range of pH value of water, the general dosage is 0.1-10ppm (0.1-10mg / L).
3、Dissolve thoroughly. When dissolving, the water body should be fully stirred up, and then the powder should be added slowly and evenly to prevent the blocking of pipes and pumps caused by large flocs and fish eyes.
4、The stirring speed is generally 200 rpm, and the time is not less than 60 minutes. The dissolution can be accelerated by properly increasing the water temperature by 20-30 ℃. The highest temperature of liquid medicine should be less than 60 ℃.
5、Determine the dosage. The dosage was determined by experiment before use. When the dosage is too low, it will not work. If the dosage is too high, PAM will not flocculate, but disperse and stabilize.
6、The working site should be washed with water frequently to keep it clean. Due to its high viscosity, the surface of PAM scattered underground is smooth when encountering water, which prevents operators from slipping and causing safety accidents.

Precautions for packaging and storage:
1、This product is non-toxic. It should be moisture-proof and rainproof to avoid sunlight exposure.
2、The particle size of the product is 20-80 mesh, which can also be produced according to the requirements of users.
3、The product is lined with plastic bags, and the outer layer is made of plastic laminated woven bags, 25kg / bag and 1000kg / bag.