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Poly aluminum ferric chloride

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Polyaluminum ferric chloride

Polyaluminum ferric chloride has the advantages of aluminum salt and iron salt respectively, and the morphology of aluminum ion and iron ion is obviously improved, and the degree of polymerization is greatly improved. It is a kind of inorganic polymer coagulant made by coagulation and hydrolysis of aluminum salt and iron salt. According to the principle of synergistic effect, a new type of high-efficiency coagulant is prepared by adding iron ions or ferric oxide and other iron compounds. Aluminum and iron coagulants are advantageous to the flotation operation and improve the coagulation performance of polyaluminum chloride; the purification treatment effect of high turbidity water and low temperature and low turbidity water is obvious, and basic additives or other coagulant aids can not be added.

CAS No.:1327-41-9
HS Code:2827320000
Molecular formula:Al2Cl(OH)5
Export tax rebate:0%

Scope of application:
Treatment of heavy pollution wastewater such as thermal power plant, coal washing plant, paper mill, printing and dyeing plant, electroplating, chemical plant, urban sewage and domestic wastewater (because the pH value range is wider than polyaluminium chloride, it is suitable for water quality with large pH value floating). It has obvious effect on the purification of drinking water and industrial water.

Usage method:
一、According to the different conditions of raw water, a small test can be conducted before use to obtain the amount of input.
二、Production: solid: water = about 1 / 5, first mix and dissolve, then add water to dilute to 2 ~ 3% of the solution.

Product performance and advantages:
1、The hydrolysis rate is fast and the hydration is weak. The formed alum flower is dense and settles quickly. In the process of small water temperature change, it can meet the requirements.
2、The solid product is brown and reddish brown powder, which is very soluble in water.
3、It can effectively remove the aluminum ions in the source water and the residual free aluminum ions in the water after aluminum salt coagulation.
4、It is widely used in drinking water, industrial water, domestic water, domestic sewage and industrial sewage treatment.
5、It can save 10-20% cost compared with other coagulants.

Storage methods and precautions:
1、The product must be kept in a dry, moisture-proof and heat-proof place. During storage and transportation, the product should be protected from toxic substance pollution and heat dampness, and the package should not be damaged.
2、The product is made of non-toxic polyethylene plastic bags, plus woven bags, net weight of each bag: 25kg.
3、Warranty period: 2 years