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Polyferric sulfate

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Polyferric sulfate

The morphology of PFS is light yellow powder, easily soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is reddish brown transparent solution with hygroscopicity.

PFS has stable performance, excellent water purification effect, and does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metal ions. It has the functions of decolorization, deodorization, deodorization, deodorization, removal of heavy metal ions, radioactive substances and carcinogens in water. The removal rate of COD, BOD and chroma is more than 90%. It has good purification effect for low temperature, low turbidity and high turbidity raw water. Compared with other inorganic flocculants, the treatment cost can be reduced by 20% - 50%. Ferric sulfate can also be used as phosphorus removal agent.

Use:Widely used in the purification treatment of drinking water, industrial water, various industrial wastewater, urban sewage, sludge dehydration, etc.

CAS No.:10028-22-5
HS Code:2833299090
Molecular formula:Fe2O12S3
Export tax rebate:0%

Technical parameters of PFS:

Analysis project

Index GB14591-93(II)

Inspection by national inorganic salt product quality supervision and Inspection Center

Total iron content %



Content of reducing substances (in)%






PH (1% aqueous solution)









Insoluble content %



Polyferric sulfate has the following characteristics:
1、 Less dosage, low cost and 20% - 50% saving in treatment cost;
2、Excellent coagulation performance, dense alum and fast settling speed;
3、The water purification effect is excellent. The water quality does not contain harmful substances such as aluminum, chlorine and heavy metal ions, and there is no water phase transfer of iron ions, so it is non-toxic and harmless;
4、Turbidity removal, decolorization, deoiling, dehydration, sterilization, deodorization, algae removal, COD, BOD and heavy metal ions in water are significant;
5、Adapt to the pH value of 4-11, the pH value and total alkalinity of raw water after purification have little change range, and have little corrosiveness to the treatment equipment;
6、The purification effect of micro polluted, algae containing, low temperature and low turbidity raw water is remarkable, especially for high turbidity raw water.

Usage method:
In use, the solid polyferric sulfate is usually prepared into 10% - 30% aqueous solution, and then the prepared solution is put into the optimal conditions and dosage according to the specific conditions. After full stirring, the best coagulation effect can be obtained.

Packaging and storage:
1、The product is packed in double-layer sealed packaging. The inner layer is made of non-toxic polyethylene plastic bag and the outer layer is woven plastic bag. Each bag weighs 25kg.
2、This product is easy to absorb moisture and deliquescence, but it has no effect on the use effect after moisture absorption. It is recommended to keep it in a dry, moisture-proof, well ventilated and heat-proof place.
3、This product shall not be transported and stored together with toxic and harmful substances.