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Polyaluminum chloride for drinking water

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Polyaluminum chloride for drinking water

Drinking water grade polyaluminium chloride is produced by spray drying process. The technical standard conforms to the national GB15892-2009 standard, and the appearance of the product is light yellow powder. Spray drying polyaluminium chloride production process: spray drying: liquid raw material ---- pressure filtration -- spray tower spray drying -- finished cylinder drying: polyaluminum chloride has low corrosion to pipeline equipment; polyaluminum chloride is widely used in drinking water, industrial water and sewage treatment field. Polyaluminum chloride is a water-soluble material, which shows good thermal stability and solubility.

Technical parameters:

Main technical indicators



HS Code


Molecular formula


Export tax rebate



Light yellow powder

Alumina(Al2O3 ) % 


Basicity, %


Insoluble matter, %   ≤


PH 1% aqueous solution


Iron, %       ≤


Sulfate radical, %   ≤


Lead, %    ≤


Arsenic, %   ≤


Mercury, %   ≤


Hexavalent chromium Cr6+ , %   ≤


Cadmium, %   ≤


1、It is mainly used for domestic drinking water, industrial water supply, oilfield reinjection water, circulating cooling water and various kinds of sewage (such as urban domestic sewage, oily sewage, printing and dyeing sewage, papermaking sewage, steel mill sewage, etc.)
2、Paper sizing precipitant, sugar decolorizing and clarifying agent.
3、It is used in tanning, medicine, cosmetics and precision casting.

Usage method:
1、For polyaluminum chloride used in water treatment, in order to achieve the best use effect and economic benefits, users can determine the dosage of polyaluminum chloride through experiments according to different water quality conditions. Dilute to about 5% concentration according to the percentage content of product Al2O3.
2、The usage of polyaluminum chloride for paper sizing is the same as that of aluminum sulfate. The dosage of polyaluminum chloride is one third of that of aluminum sulfate, and the dosage is 2% - 3% based on dry paper.
3、When it is used for decolorization and clarification in sugar industry, the product is first prepared into 3-5% aqueous solution (calculated according to the content of Al2O3) and then added to the sugarcane juice to be decolorized with a dosage of 5-10ppm. The inner and outer bags of the package are polypropylene film bags, 20kg / bag. Production of raw materials of high quality aluminum hydroxide Refined Hydrochloric acid.

The difference between them and ordinary polyaluminum chloride products is as follows:
Strong absorption, fast and large flocculation, low turbidity, and super dehydration.
Spray polymerization aluminum chloride production process, because the nozzle evenly spray mother liquid in the drying tower, so that the Al2O3 content is uniform and stable, easy to control in the range of indicators, enhance the adsorption capacity of colloidal particles, play the two effects of coagulation and flocculation, other drying methods can not be achieved, and the degree of polymerization directly affects the water purification effect. According to different water quality, the basicity should be adjusted timely. However, the degree of polymerization is easily destroyed by drum drying, and the range of product basicity is small, and the water quality is very narrow. Due to the use of plate and frame pressure filtration technology, the solid water insoluble matter is less than 0.3, and the liquid water insoluble substance is less than 0.1, which can ensure the smooth pipeline of users and improve the drug utilization rate, but the natural sedimentation method is not able to achieve. In water treatment, it not only reduces the labor intensity, but also reduces the cost of customers. In addition, spray drying products will not cause pollution if they are put too much, ensuring the safety of drinking water quality.

Matters needing attention:
1、This product should not be mixed with medicaments of different manufacturers and varieties, and should not be mixed with other chemical substances;
2、The solid products should be kept away from dampness and should be used immediately after opening the package to avoid moisture absorption in the air.

Usage method:
1、Mix the product (solid) with normal temperature water at 1:2.5-1.3 [weight ratio] for about 30 minutes. After the drug is dissolved, it is diluted with 30-40 times of water or diluted into liquid according to the required concentration [the greater the turbidity of source water, the more water is added for secondary release].
2、When the source water turbidity is 100-500mg / L, the dosage is 3-6mg. For specific dosing, a small test should be carried out according to the water quality to select the dosage and then put into use.

Packaging and storage:
1、External plastic woven bag with plastic film set inside. Each bag weighs 25kg.
It can also be customized according to user's requirements.
2、This product is not allowed to be mixed with toxic substances, transportation and storage. The product should be stored indoors in a dry, ventilated and cool place without being affected by moisture