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White polyaluminum chloride

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White polyaluminum chloride

White polyaluminum chloride product is made of aluminum hydroxide powder and high purity hydrochloric acid by high pressure reaction. The solid is white powder and 10% aqueous solution is colorless and transparent liquid.

It is widely used in papermaking, medicine, daily chemical process, cosmetic additive and drinking water purification. In recent years, white polyaluminum chloride has replaced aluminum sulfate as a neutral sizing precipitant in paper industry.

CAS No.:1327-41-9
HS Code:2827320000
Molecular formula:Al2Cl(OH)5
Export tax rebate:0%

Technical parameters:


White or milky white powder

Alumina(Al2O3 ) % 


Basicity, %


Insoluble matter, %   ≤


PH ( 1% Insoluble matter


Iron, %       ≤


Sulfate, %   ≤


Lead, %    ≤


Arsenic, %   ≤


Mercury, %   ≤


Hexavalent chromium, %   ≤


Cadmium, %   ≤


Product use:
1、It is mainly used for the treatment of domestic drinking water, industrial water supply, oilfield reinjection water, circulating cooling water and various kinds of sewage (such as urban domestic sewage, oily sewage, printing and dyeing wastewater, papermaking wastewater, steel mill sewage, etc.).
2、Paper sizing precipitant, sugar decolorizing and clarifying agent.
3、It is used in tanning, medicine, cosmetics and precision casting.

White polyaluminum chloride has replaced aluminum sulfate as neutral sizing precipitant in papermaking industry.
Using white polyaluminum chloride instead of aluminum sulfate has the following advantages:
1、A large number of polynuclear aluminum hydroxide complexes with positive charge and stable morphology can effectively promote flocculation and sizing.
2、White appearance, low iron content, can meet the needs of producing high quality paper.
3、Polyaluminum chloride is the pre hydrolysate of aluminum chloride. The degree of hydrolysis is relatively low, and the pH value of pulp decreases less than that of aluminum sulfate.
4、Aluminum sulfate is only suitable for acid sizing, while polyaluminum chloride can be used in acidic and neutral environment, which can significantly reduce the corrosion of the system and make white water treatment easier.
5、It can be filled with cheap calcium carbonate filler, which not only reduces the production cost, improves the whiteness and folding resistance of paper, but also overcomes the unavoidable shortcomings of synthetic rubber materials (such as AKD, etc.), such as slipping and difficult to control sizing degree.
6、When polyaluminum chloride is used as sizing agent, the retention and drainage functions of the slurry are obviously improved.
7、Except for the breaking length, other indexes of paper are improved in varying degrees.

Packaging and storage:
1、External plastic woven bag with plastic film set inside. Each bag weighs 25kg. It can also be customized according to user's requirements.
2、This product is not allowed to be mixed with toxic substances, transportation and storage. The product should be stored indoors in a dry, ventilated and cool place without being affected by moisture.
3、Warranty period: the storage period of solid products is two years, and it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, which will not affect the use effect after being affected by damp.