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Dephosphorization agent

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Dephosphorization agent

Phosphorus removal agent is specially developed for anodic oxidation, chemical polishing cleaning, pretreatment of coating, phosphating, electroplating, electroless plating and other high phosphorus wastewater, which solves the problem of large amount of other phosphorus removal agents and incomplete phosphorus removal. At the same time, optimizing the formula can also adjust the PH value of wastewater, improve the coagulation effect, and reduce the processing cost.

◆Wide range of application, for various aluminum oxidation, chemical polishing, coating, phosphating and other high phosphorus wastewater;
◆It has multiple functions such as phosphorus removal, coagulation and pH adjustment, and is a multifunctional and efficient phosphorus removal agent;
◆Wide range of pH value;
◆ Thorough removal of phosphorus, clear water.

1. The dosage can be determined according to the different turbidity of the raw water to determine the best dosage. For general turbidity (turbidity of 100-500mg/L) water, use 30-50 kg of this product per thousand tons, non-drinking water high turbidity industrial wastewater Appropriate dosage can be added.
2. When treating industrial wastewater, dilute the first-class polymer ferric sulfate to 1-2 times the aqueous solution. When the source water concentration is high and the treated water volume is large, it can be directly added. Then, according to the results of the laboratory simulation test, dosing according to the best process conditions and dosage, after full stirring, coagulation and sedimentation, clear effluent can be obtained.

【Scope of application】
Phosphorus removal agents are widely used in the purification treatment of urban drinking water, industrial circulating water, and industrial wastewater in chemical, petroleum, mining, papermaking, printing and dyeing, brewing, steel, coal gas, paint, leather, pharmaceutical, food, electroplating and other industries And the purification of urban domestic sewage, sludge dehydration treatment.
1. Used for phosphorus removal in domestic sewage treatment plants, especially suitable for sewage treatment in the middle phosphorus section;
2. Suitable for industrial wastewater containing surface treatment process;
3. Used for wastewater from food factories;
4. Used for wastewater treatment in pharmaceutical, paper, pesticide, and fertilizer plants.
5. Used for the treatment of waste leachate in landfill plants.

【Packing and storage】
It is packed in 25 kg kraft paper bag lined with polyethylene plastic. The storage period is 1 year at room temperature, protected from moisture and direct sunlight.